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Athlone Community Task Force Update April 2011

ACT and Education ACT in support of its remit “…employment and enterprise……..measures leading thereto ….” committed itself to specific employment-driven interventions in education. ACT appreciates that “drop-out” is a multi-dimensional problem. It understands that its contribution can be effective only when delivered in close collaboration with the schools and the many agencies that have experience […]

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Enterprise Forum

In 2009, ACT and the Athlone Chamber of Commerce initiated the “Enterprise Club”, the objective being to provide a forum for people to meet on a regular basis in order to inspire enterprise, develop opportunities and pool ideas on supporting each other during the current recession. This in turn led to the development of the […]

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The Educational Action Research Project 2005-2008

Background Over the years Athlone CommunityTaskforce organised many “employment/enterprise” programmes which were of significant value to the many participants. However over the years it felt challenged by the number of young people who were dropping out of school and would likely be unemployable for their entire lives. The local estimate is that 40 / 45 […]

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Peer-Education Programme 2009

The recommendation from the evaluation of the 2008 Peer -Ed programme to include both sexes in future programmes was implemented in the 2009 Peer-Ed programme. The 2009 programme was greatly supported by the Athlone Gardai and the Community Garda Sgt. arranged for two student Gardai to work in the programme, in collaboration with programme staff […]

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Peer-Education Programme 2008

In 2007, five young people aged 14 to 16years of age who had participated in previous activities of the Educational Action Research Project approached the Project Coordinator and requested a service which ran on a continuous basis during the summer holiday period. Working from a child-centred perspective the Project Manager piloted a Peer Education Programme […]

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