Peer-Education Programme 2009

The recommendation from the evaluation of the 2008 Peer -Ed programme to include both sexes in future programmes was implemented in the 2009 Peer-Ed programme. The 2009 programme was greatly supported by the Athlone Gardai and the Community Garda Sgt. arranged for two student Gardai to work in the programme, in collaboration with programme staff for a number of weeks. The young people’s career choice to investigate was the “Gardai”. Rather than create a report on their findings, the young people opted to design a questionnaire and interview representatives from the various garda sections based in the Athlone Garda Barracks. The interviews were recorded and aired by Athlone Community Radio. A CD of the programme was subsequently produced and a copy presented to the Community Garda Sgt.

The 2009 Peer-Ed programme was unique in that one of the participants in the 2008 Peer-Ed programme was invited, as a worker, to assist the programme coordinator in the implementation and evaluation of the programme. This was hugely successful. Our thanks to Community Garda Sgt. Andrew Harron and the members of the Garda Siochana. The programme was evaluated and published in 2009. See publication list. Download the 2009 Peer-Ed Report here.

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