ACT Gateway Project – Spring 2022

Feb 21st -23rd: First Aid Responders Training:

This training was delivered during the mid-term break by John Bruton of Multiskill Health & Safety to 8 young people aged 16-17. Each young person attended from 9:30 to 4:30 each day and all passed the final day assessment, qualifying for the PHECC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council) First Aid Responder Certificate. This is a valuable addition to any CV and a just reward for the commitment of each young person.

Sunday Circus Workshops (Each Sunday since 30th January)

The opportunity to collaborate with Galway Community Circus has exceeded our initial expectations of 2 sessions. Largely due to funding made available by New Horizons Athlone (Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support) and Wavelength (Gaisce Integration Programme), we have attended 7 Sunday Circus session as part of a planned 9 session stint in Shantalla, Galway.

The sessions focus on building confidence and resilience in the individual young people. It has been hugely positive for all of the young people involved and a number of these have begun the Gaisce Bronze Medal Process.

Westshore Survival Training Easter Break

Two outdoor survival training sessions have been organised with Westshore to take place during the Easter School Break. These sessions promote social, physical and mental well-being as well as offering a good challenge and sense of achievement to the young people involved.

St Patrick’s Festival Activities

Young People, staff and volunteers from Gateway will be walking in this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade alongside St Mary’s Karate Club.

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